Patio Door Screens Repair and Replacement

Patio Door Screens Repair and Replacement

Your patio door screen is your first line of defense against mosquitos and other pests, while still allowing the fresh outdoor air to come in. Patio door screens wear out over time, especially if you have a pet always messing with the door. Replacing or repairing a patio door screen can be tricky business and it is a good idea to let the professionals handle this task for you. Our experts at Windows Avenue INC are just a phone call away. Contact us and get outstanding professional advice on the small and big problems around your home.

Pet Screen Replacement and Repair

Anybody with a pet knows what disaster pets can bring about all around the house. One particular place where almost all dogs and cats wreak havoc is the patio door screen. As soon as the little guy sees the squirrel playing in your backyard, it is bad news for your door screen.

We, at Windows Avenue INC understand what it takes to create a perfectly peaceful home. We offer a wide range of materials to choose from for your pet screen. Whether you need your current pet screen replaced or repaired, make sure to give us a call for expert solutions to all your problems.

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